Astrid Rhomberg
Physio Lech

Welcome to Astrid Rhomberg’s physiotherapy practice!

The practice is located in Unfallsanatorium Dr. Rhomberg (sanatorium for accident care) in Lech am Arlberg, Austria. Here you will receive the finest all-round physio-
therapeutic care.

Please note:
Only if prescriptions are approved before the first appointment for treatment will their cost be refunded by the statutory health insurance scheme.

  • New summer
    appointment hours

    From June to October we will be available
    during the following hours:

    Tuesday to Friday: 9 am – 6 pm

    Please make appointments by telephone.

  • Neues Kursangebot

    Ab dem 15. Juni 2015 bieten wir folgende Kurse an: 

    Dienstag 10.00 Uhr (10 x 60 Minuten / 100 Euro)
    Dienstag 19.00 Uhr (6 x 60 Minuten / 60 Euro)
    Donnerstag 19.00 Uhr (6 x 60 Minuten / 60 Euro)

    Anmeldung per E-Mail oder Telefon erforderlich.

  • Neue Physiotherapeutin

    Wir freuen uns, Laura Giorgetti wieder im Team begrüßen zu dürfen. Sie unterstützte die Praxis bereits in der Wintersaison 2011/12.

        Laura Giorgetti 
        BSc. Physiotherapie