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Sports physiotherapy

Sports physiotherapists are experts in injury prevention, acute intervention, rehabilitation, performance improvement, promoting fair play and anti-doping practices. They use the ICF classification to assess them and follow the structure of the physiotherapeutic process.



Trigger point therapy

Myofascial trigger points are muscle hardening in the skeletal muscles that are locally limited, locally sensitive to pressure and from which transmitted pain can originate. Around 80-90% of pain syndromes are said to be due to such muscle hardening.

Association for the promotion and dissemination of myofascial trigger point therapy.


Bobath concept


The Bobath concept is a problem-solving approach in the reporting and treatment of adults and children with neurological diseases. The concept can be used in rehabilitation, especially after a stroke in people with hemiplegia (hemiplegics).





Training therapy

Includes the structural improvement of movements and organ systems with the aim of strengthening coordination, strength, endurance and balance through systematic training. Building on the stabilization of the primary disease and complementary treatment of secondary diseases.



lymph drainage

& complex physical decongestive therapy


The "complex physical decongestive therapy" consists of four basic procedures for the treatment of lymphedema: manual lymphatic drainage, skin care, compression therapy by means of bandages, decongesting movement exercises





Acupuncture massage


... according to Penzel sees itself as regulation therapy according to the rules of traditional Chinese medicine. The combination of classic Chinese knowledge about the energy cycle in the human body and the ability to deflect and redirect energy flows in the organism with methods of physical therapy have been receiving increasing attention in conventional medicine for many years.

Osteopath bei der Arbeit

Manual therapy

Manual therapy is concerned with the examination and treatment of complaints in the area of the joints, muscles and nervous system. It is a diagnosis and treatment concept that includes a range of passive mobilization techniques as well as activity, education and the mediation of self-management strategies.

Schwedische Massage

Medical massage


... is the umbrella term for several medically recognized massage types. Skin, fascia, muscles, joints and indirectly also internal organs are affected. Depending on the objective, muscle relaxation, increased muscle tone, increased blood circulation, scar mobilization and tissue decongestion can be achieved.



Kinder Physiotherapie

Other treatment tools

+ Medical Flossing

+ Kinesio taping

+ Aromatherapy

+ Gua-Sha

Cupping therapy

+ Electrotherapy

+ Laser therapy

+ Heat / cold therapy

+ Motor rail

+ Scar elimination

+ Home visits

+ Telerehabilitation




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